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  • Over 50 years of success with combined industry expertise exceeding 100 years providing direct client service.
  • We view our clients as business partners, not by merely a contract.
  • We have a great culture working together as a team for the common goals of our company.
  • We develop trusting relationships with open communication, transparency, time management, process excellence, and a qualified team of skilled talent.
  • We take great pride in our accomplishments, and we are grateful as well as committed to providing superior service on each and every project.
  • Our successful marketing strategy has been client referrals. Come help us write our next client success story.
  • We have moved into this millennium where clients can track each stage of our project completion through the use of mobile device and project tracking.

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New Construction

Building Construction – Delivering Excellence

Constructing a residential or a commercial building from scratch is a tremendously challenging endeavor bringing out the best in terms of expertise, experience, and professionalism. With this in mind, our company harbors years of experience as well as a robust team of highly motivated, expert and skilled construction workers, architects, machinery operators and overseeing managers which is going to make sure that everything is handled perfectly. There are thousands of details which need to be thoroughly accounted for when a building construction or a commercial construction is being carefully executed and we are more than capable of delivering the most proficient result.

However, it’s worth outlining some of the things that need to be taken into proper account, especially when it comes to the construction itself. This is going to provide you with an overall outlook on the capabilities that we’d provide and how the project is going to be handled. Of course, in order to make it comprehensive, this is a rather summarized yet concise piece.

Understanding the Challenges of the Project

The first thing that needs to be accounted for after the preparation of the architectural and construction plans is to understand the challenges of the project. Every single step that we are going to undertake is carefully planned ahead of time in order to ensure that there are absolutely no surprises and issues when it comes to your building construction or commercial construction.

Adhering to Regulations

It is important to understand that different state have different regulations concerning constructions. What is more, the provisions that need to be adhered to when it comes to building constructions for residential purposes are tremendously different and essentially characteristic in comparison to the ones which govern the upbringing of commercial construction. Understanding the tremendous importance of legislature, our company takes every single legal provision into thorough consideration, exploring the possibilities and restrictions in order to prevent any further and potential complications.

Flawless Execution

Our teams consist of highly skilled and experienced workers who are capable of adhering to the highest industry building construction standards. You are guaranteed to have your building erupted in time, abiding by the specifications set forth in the construction and architectural plans.

Make sure to secure the proper execution of your construction by trusting one of the leading construction companies in the field. Our experience is what gives us the confidence necessary to tackle every challenge swiftly and with vigor out extensive portfolio attests to these statements. We hope you will consider Key City Builders for all of your NYC General Contractor needs.

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