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Landmark Preservation NYC

Landmark Preservation in NY is vital to keeping our history amoungst us. Preserving and restoring older structures has stood the test of time, and for good reason. Within any town, city or village, there are most likely buildings, monuments, and structures that were built centuries ago. The longer they have been around, the more sentimental and intrinsic value they create for the community.

Sometimes larger cities and towns will resurrect a structure as a historical landmark, monument or building and develop fundraisers, grants, and subsidiaries to fund the landmark preservation. Any architectural structure has a direct cultural history within the community it is set and giving the opportunity for historic landmark restoration to these cultural beauties is important to the overall landscape.

Older buildings and structures, including monuments, give the surrounding area and its people a sense of true belonging, heritage and a desire for permanency. There is never a chance to get back what was once a historical structure if it is torn down. Old historic structures, even if an eyesore today, most likely were built during a time of using higher quality woods and glass, that simply cannot be found anymore. Restore our history and save a landmark today.

We rely on our team to coordinate with Architects and Engineers in order to comply with the standards and conditions.  Often times we work directly with the city and select the most highly qualified entities to support our mission on a Historical Landmark Building or Residence | Landmark Preservation NYC 

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Landmark Preservation NYC

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