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Architecture Concept Design

The Importance of the Clients Vision in the architectural design concept process:

Our architectural design team is well aware of the importance of meeting the Clients Vision. We take our Clients Vision and create along with their input we provide clear communications, we understand the process that this is a team effort to accomplish their architectural design concept.

We are budget conscious, providing alternatives in materials, including value engineering to meet their goal. Whether it is a new concept or an original we are up to the challenge to reach a project that our Clients are proud of.

Visualization and Architectural Design Concept

The concept of building concept design is the schematic which is going to provide you with an actual idea of how the building is going to look, should the concept design be executed flawlessly. This is particularly important. This is the most critical tool when pitching investment intentions to influential individuals willing to sponsor endeavors of the kind. Furthermore, this is going to provide the execution company with a clear idea and guidelines of what they need to achieve with their architectural design concept. For more information about Key City Builders, Inc. please visit our About Us page, or you can take a look at our portfolio to see previous examples of our work!

Technical Specifications

The process behind architectural design concept, however, is much more than just a simple visualization. This plan is going to consists critical specifications such as material density, metrics, material types, methods of integration and many, many more of the kind. It’s like the old saying about the importance of the foundation – well, your concept design is the foundation of your building.

Legislative Requisite of Architectural Concept Design

Not only do you need the building concept design to get a clear idea of what you will construct, it’s also something requested by the law specifically. You can’t proceed without it. It’s as simple as that.

Now, with all of the above being said, you should already be aware of how paramount this is. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the professional or the team that handles it has the necessary expertise and proficiency to make it happen. It’s highly unlikely that you have the necessary range of knowledge in terms of technicalities and specifications, so you need to be able to trust them on this one. Our company has years of experience and harbors a team of robust professionals who are motivated by success. With this in mind, they strive to produce architectural concept designs which adhere not only to the regulations but also to the contemporary tendencies and construction trends in order to deliver a plan which is up-to-date, modern and most importantly – efficient.

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